North Charleston Police officer shot self, made up story of suspects

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Update: Bullard has been fired.

Just three North Charleston police officers have been shot in the last 27 years, and two of those have been during 2012, and it turns out that Wednesday's shooting was a case of the officer shooting himself.

Sgt. Eddie Bullard was shot Wednesday while off Rivers Avenue, sustaining only minor injuries thanks to a protective vest. 

Police then investigated Bullard's vague description of "two black males dressed all in black" but began to see holes as they could find no corroborating stories or evidence — on Friday evening North Charleston Police Chief Jon Zumalt held a press conference to announce that Bullard had shot himself and to apologize to the community.

Many reports abound, I'll point you to ABC News 4's video of the press conference (watch that up top or over here) and NBC News 2's video that focuses on community reaction and disappointment that Bullard said the men were black in his fictitious report (watch that here).

Bullard has been placed on unpaid leave and there's been no account as to why Bullard may have shot himself beyond the Zumalt stating that Bullard was troubled and "having problems at home."

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