Smooth-talking con man with penchant for luxury cars facing myriad of charges

Image by Flickr user jessicafm

Justin Durbin, 22, is being accused of stealing luxury automobiles and traveling across the nation during a crime spree that affected victims in multiple states and earned him the name "The Bentley Bandit".

Local man Shawn Rhoad, 40, met Durbin in West Ashley in mid-April and invited his new friend to a dinner party at his parents' home. After the guests left, it was discovered that several items were missing, including an heirloom diamond ring, a laptop, and a pistol. Rhoad's suspicions immediately turned to Durbin; however, he didn't hear of the con man again until he made national news in July.

Durbin is currently being held in Louisiana following a July 14th arrest involving a massive manhunt that culminated in two high-speed chases. Durbin is being accused of numerous crimes spanning eight states, including the April 23rd theft in Mount Pleasant of a Mercedes sedan worth $70,000.

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