Still no answers in fatal shooting of 5-year-old

Update May 24: Two months later and the most notable development is the apparent lack of any public developments in the case of a home invassion that left 5-year-old Allison Griffor with a fatal wound.

However, police have issued a statement to say that they believe what the public suspicion has long been: that the targeting of the Griffor home was a case of a mistaken identity by the perpitrators.

First reporting, March 30: It's been months since the tragic shooting of 5-year-old Allison Griffor who was fatally wounded during a West Ashley home invasion in late 2011 — and the family is still reeling, and has no answers.

NBC News 2 received a statement from the family, in part: 

"In the last few months following the murder of our precious Allison, we have tried our best to follow GODS path in hopes of finding some middle ground. In our walk allowing us to somehow move forward, secure in our positions, It’s been a daily challenge. I have not even been able to secure a job to support my family in this economy. We went from a secure stable environment where we were very happy in both, our financial and family living positions, to that short second in the night that not only took our only daughter from our lives. It ripped our entire lives, shaking us to the ground, taking our daughter,our job,our home,our future."

Read it all here.

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