Eastbound & Down casting call held (Update: Mcconaughey cutie pie, #myr Mermen)

Photo Courtesy: TheDigitelMYR

Update 7/6: SCnow.com has a little write-up and video about yesterday's Eastbound casting call. 

Also, Julie Borshak (@Jborshak) the Director of Community Relations for the Myrtle Beach Pelicans. tweeted out this image......


We are now the home of the Mermen! New hashtag for Twitter #myrmen! Checkout the SCnow.com video.

First Report 7/5: We decided to head on down to BB&T Field, your home for The Myrtle Beach Pelicans, and checkout the open casting call that was held for hit HBO comedy, Eastbound and Down.

If you hadn't heard by now, the home of the Pelicans will be hosting HBO while they film scenes for the upcoming season of the show Eastbound and Down. We drove down to the ballpark to checkout all the hometown, background superstar hopefuls and get an interview or two with some of the fans of the show. 

Enjoy our short video, and make sure to keep checking back with TheDigitel for all the Eastbound and Down updates. If you still don't know what Eastbound and Down is all about checkout the season one and two trailers below. 


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