It's snooz news day, so go out and do something

Image by Flickr user rofltosh Image by 20090627-news.jpg It's already snooz day, but it could be a drool nooz day soon.

The big news for today in Charleston is still the Sanford fallout, but that doesn't mean you have to be bored.

Far from it.

There's loads to do in town today, including: A parade for the 233rd Carolina Day, seeing some tall ships and a pirate festival, some women's hoops, a Sea Turtle Relief Benefit, and some funky cross-culture jams by the "Southern Culture on the Skids."

All of which you can learn more about on today's event page.

Just don't forget you water and sunblock: The high is set to reach 93 with a 101 heat index. And that's a thought that makes us think ... beach.

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