Sports radio show coming to Charleston

Mark Packer's "Prime Time with The Packman" will air on WQNT 1450-AM from 3-7 p.m. on weekdays.

A description of the show from it's Web site:
"PrimeTime with the Packman" first aired in October of 1997, and has been a hit for sports fans throughout the Southeast. Packman with his crazy cast of characters along with the sportswriters, celebrities and players from the world of sports has changed the way sports fans listen to the radio.

The biggest guests, the hottest topics, and a flair for the unexpected make "PrimeTime with the Packman" the most listened to sports show in the Carolinas. The show is the first sports-talk radio show to ever be ranked #1 in Charlotte by the Arbitron Ratings. Packman has syndicated the show throughout the Carolinas, and there are plans to extend Packman's Southern Fried-brand throughout the Southeast.

You can hear audio clips and podcasts of the show at WFNZ's Web site.

The show's expansion marks it's furthest point south. Below is the other areas the show airs in.

[gmap markers=blue::35.227672354935834,-80.9033203125 + 35.764343479667176,-78.64013671875 + 35.92464453144099,-79.0301513671875 + 35.97800618085566,-78.9093017578125 + 35.56798045801209,-77.36572265625 + 34.134541681937364,-79.78271484375 + 34.84085858477277,-82.364501953125 + 36.09349937380574,-80.244140625 + 35.93354064249312,-80.00244140625 + 36.075742215627,-79.7882080078125 + 34.22088697429013,-77.9315185546875 + 33.99347299511967,-81.03515625 + 35.06147690849714,-78.8983154296875 |zoom=6 |center=34.615126683462194,-79.013671875 |width=470px |height=250px |control=Small |type=Map]

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