You had a good run, SkyWheel

Photo by flickr member Dan's Eye View

Myrtle Beach's SkyWheel touted the tallest Ferris wheel experience east of the Mississippi since it offered its first revolution to visitors in May 2010. Orlando's newest attraction is in the works and it will top our wheel by a whopping 238 feet.

Standing 187 feet, journalists and guests agree, our SkyWheel has been a stunning addition to downtown Myrtle Beach.  Our east coast competitor will be 425 feet.  Still, according to the Sun News, there isn't much concern about the competition, especially since there are other ventures in the works that will dwarf Orlando's project.  

You can read more local reaction and plans for other new Ferris wheels here.

However, back in September it was reported that the world's tallest wheel will be constructed in New York. The wheel is expected to be 625 ft. tall which won't only be the tallest one on the east coast, but the tallest in the world, dwarfing the current record holder, the Singapore Flyer by almost 100 ft. 

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