Surprise Charleston basketball recruit Adjehi Baru gets profiled

Image by Flickr user John Flinchbaugh

Update February 21: The Post and Courier has followed up with an in-depth profile.

Discussed are Adjehi Baru's background, how much he loves the sport, why he chose Charleston, and lots, lots more — be forewarned, this one's a lengthy piece — read it here.

First reporting December 6, 2010: Bobby Cremins has surprised once again in the sports world, netting the nation's 46th ranked recruit for the College of Charleston over Maryland, North Carolina, and Virginia Tech.

The 6-foot-9, 225-pound Adjehi Baru of the Steward School in Richmond, Virginia, is the best-rated recruit the school has ever achieved.

But the story here is probably as much about how Cremins managed to recruit Baru, and that thinking is the head coach used an extra scholarships on a lesser value Pat Branin who has a family connection to Baru. 

Live 5 News and ESPN have solid news reports, while there's also a pay content item at ESPN about how Cremins likely used this stealthy tactic to pull off the win.

Update December 7: The Post and Courier has followed up with a lengthier report that leaves out any bit of Branin's family ties to Baru and instead paints Csremins as an almsost reluctant recruiter of a Baru in love with Charleston; take a read here.

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