Week Zero: Following Grand Strand prep football online

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School starts on Monday for Horry County Schools but some may say that even more importantly: high school football started last night.

The other traditional media outlets do such an outstanding job of covering the local games, there's not a whole lot we can add to what they do. But we can do what we do best and link you to where the best options when you can't make it to the Friday night lights. 

Before the games even started, there was some pre-game coverage and analysis. The Sun News published a complete guide (PDF file). Most of the other TV stations had some preview coverage sprinkled around. 

If you absolutely, positively must have the latest and freshest info during the game, then Twitter may be your best bet. Last night we witnessed tweets from both news organizations and reporters. If everyone tweeting would use a hashtag like #myrpreps, it may make it easier for people to follow. Here's the top tweeters last night: Amanda Kelley, Ian Guerin, Jason Belk, Conan Gasque, and Ed Moore.

Facebook is a decent second string option. The Sun News was definitely the most active Facebook account with a status update for each game being covered. WMBF had a couple posts. WPDE has a dedicated page for their sports coverage and it was lively. The Carolina Forest Chronicle had the occasional update on their page as well.

After the final whistles blew, a couple of media outlets scrambled to get their coverage. As far as we could tell, the Carolina Forest Chronicle was the first to publish coverage with photos of the Carolina Forest game. Shortly after, WMBF posted all of the local scores online.

The Sun News is keeping all of their coverage aggregated, including photo galleries and videos, on a special High School Football News page. WMBF News is doing something similar with their Extra Point page. WBTW has their coverage here. WPDE keeps their prep football stories on this page.

There you have it. More high school football than you can shake a pom-pom at. Is there anything missing from online coverage of prep sports? Let us know.

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