Shamrock Shakes available in Myrtle Beach; Secret option revealed

Flickr user Joe Strupek

We heard rumors of the 38th Avenue North location were serving the minty green treats as early as a couple weeks ago. Being the hard-hitting bloggers we are, we dug deeper.

And by "dug deeper" we mean we saw this tweet from local software developer Harry Wynn:


In the past, it was up to the independent operators if they wanted to offer Shamrock Shakes as a part of St. Patrick's Day promotions. This made it somewhat of an elusive specialty treat. This year, McDonald's has promoted the shake as a nation-wide available item. Crain's Chicago Business has an AP story with more details.

I called up "Laura" at the 38th Avenue McDonald's in Myrtle Beach and confirmed that all of the area locations are selling the cups of green happiness. She also gave me a hot tip for ordering the Shamrock Shake that isn't a known option. "Ask for Oreos on top," Laura said with a whisper, "it's the most delicious mint-chocolate chip shake you've ever had."

She also proclaimed that the shakes at 38th Avenue are better than the other Myrtle Beach area locations. I figure there's only one way to find out... 

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