Feed a Family looking for volunteers (Update: Locals stepped up)

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Update December 25, 2011: WPDE rode along with a couple of the food deliveries this year.

First Report: For the 6th year in a row, Feed A Family will make and deliver full turkey dinners to 500 local families on Christmas Eve. They need volunteers starting now.

Over 200 volunteers come together to make this event possible.  100 volunteers help prepare food at the Hilton for 10 days prior to Christmas Eve, and 100 volunteers deliver the turkey dinners to families on Christmas Eve. Chef Peter and the management at the Hilton have donated their facility and staff at no cost to the project. The meal consists of an entire cooked turkey with all the sides, bread and dessert. They are delivered in cardboard boxes painted by children from local schools. 

For more information check out  FeedFamilies.org.  You can sign up to volunteer online.

Volunteer Schedule at the Hilton:

  • Dec 14th Wed:  11:30 am
  • Dec 15th Thurs:  4pm
  • Dec 16th Fri: 4pm
  • Dec 17th Sat:  10am
  • Dec 18th Sun:  No work
  • Dec 19th Mon: 4pm
  • Dec 20th Tues: 4pm
  • Dec 21st Wed: 10am Hot meal pickup at 10am
  • Dec 22nd Thurs:  10am Hot meal pickup at 10am
  • Dec 23rd Fri: 10am Hot meal pickup at 10am 
  • Dec 24th Sat 8am: Delivery day!!!  Cleanup

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