Severely injured right whale seen off Lowcountry coast (updated)

Image by SC, Georgia Right Whale Aerial Survey The injured whale on January 20.

Update January 28: The Post and Courier has followed up.

While the report is much the same, they have some additional details on the timeline of the strike and notes that surveyors are searching for the whale again to evaluate its condition; take a read here.

ABC News 4 also has a video, but it's more generalized. 

First reporting January 27: Growing up to be some 36 to 59 feet, right whales are a rather large sea mammal. That said, it's a measure that tells just how large the propeller gashes are on the whale spotted some 15 miles from the St. Helena Sound in Beaufort County

I'll point you over to The Island Packet for the report and photo where observers are cautiously optimistic; take a read here.

Only some 400 right whales are believed to be left in existence in the northern Atlantic.

The Lowcountry is on the edge of the whales' calving grounds from mid November through mid April, and the endangered status of the whale has lead to increased restriction on port activity and general maritime procedures.

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