Concerns rise over protecting S.C.'s coastline from oil spill (updated)

Image by Flickr user arbyreed Update May 21:

Update May 21:

It's looking as though the chance of oil from the leaking well in the Gulf of Mexico reaching the Carolina coast is very slim, and if oil were to reach the area, there would be minimal impact, if any.

According to a spokesman from the Department of Health and Environmental Control:

There are a couple of things working in favor of the Carolinas.

Much of the oil would be diluted in the weeks it could take to be pushed out of the Gulf. And the Gulf Stream would keep most of it offshore, 60 to 100 miles at sea.

Is there still a possibility that there will be an impact on area beaches? Of course, but at least it's looking good for the home team.

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First reporting:

A letter released today by the South Carolina Wildlife Federation is questioning whether or not local governmental agencies are ready and willing to respond if oil from the BP spill in the Gulf washes into South Carolina waters.

The oil has entered the Loop Current, which could push the spilled petroleum into our area from anywhere from three to six weeks. Emergency action will be needed by both the Coast Guard and the Department of Health and Environmental Control to protect South Carolina's coastline and wildlife.

According to The State, "DHEC currently is accounting for booms — floating oil barriers — though nothing has been deployed..."

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