Recycling old electronics becomes mandatory in S.C. on July 1

Image by Flickr user wgby

We knew this was coming for some time: A new state law goes into effect July 1st requiring all residents to recycle computers, monitors, printers and televisions.

The new law aims to prohibit the amount of discarded electronics that end up in local landfills, forcing residents to find alternative and effective ways to recycle their gadgets. Under the new law, any landfill caught accepting e-waste could be slapped with a $1,000 fine.

Drop off sites are being set up across the state, and The Post and Courier has a helpful posting of local sites currently accepting recyclables.

For the list of sites and much more on the new program, pop over to The Post and Courier.

Oh and if you didn't know it's a very bad idea to throw away your electronics, not only are you likely casting away rare and valuable metals, you're also throwing away nasty ones (like lead and arsenic) that can leach into our water. 

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