Owners of mold-ridden Daniel Island home file suit

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After having their home overrun by mold, a Daniel Island family has rejected the builders offers and is filling a lawsuit for "meaningful" restitution.

Read more stories on this subject in our mold topic page.The builder, D.R. Horton said it's offer to come clean things up was generous, the homeowner, Benjamin Allen, says it was a "cream puff" offer.

ABC News 4 has more on the claims and counter claims.

The station reported back in June on the extent of the mold in Allen's home:
Mold is beneath the carpets, in the wall and its making his family sick. His 3-year-old daughter Madeline is suffering the most.

"She’s had severe respiratory infections and has been in and out of emergency rooms seeing doctor after doctor. They're trying to narrow down what is causing this," Allen added.

The Allens aren't the first to complain to D.R. Horton about mold in the company's homes, either. Area organizations reported on
">three other lawsuits for mold.

If you're concerned about mold, read up on the EPA's guide.

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