Find Jake a home and grant his owner's dying wish

Photo by flickr member tornado of souls ♪

As if dealing with terminal cancer isn't enough, Myrtle Beach resident know only as Mr. Neill, is distraught about what will become of his beloved dog Jake after he's no longer able to take care of him.

Jake is a seven year-old chocolate lab/springer spaniel mix who is neutered, healthy, and friendly.  You can read more about him, his owner, and how you can help if you're interested in taking him into your home in this Examiner story.  

You're right - this is a deviation from the type of news we typically cover, but this story is just so touching.  We're hopeful that if we spread the word, Jake will find a loving new home and his owner will be granted his dying wish.  Pass this one along, if you don't mind.

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