Baggage fees on the rise for Spirit Air (Update: have no fear)

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Update at the bottom...

First Report: If you felt burdened by airline, government, and baggage fees when purchasing your tickets, Spirit Airlines is about to blow your mind.  Know how much it will cost you to check a carry-on bag at the gate?  A cool c note, a Benjamin, 100 smackers.

Starting on November 6, 2012, almost all of Spirits "optional" baggage fees will rise, some more than others.  You can have a look at the full list on their website.  It looks like the earlier you decide exactly what you'll be checking, the less you'll pay.  But seriously, do you ever plan to check a carry on bag?  It's the kind of the opposite of why you'd bring it, right?

You can read more in this WMBF story and learn about why low-cost carriers may only seem like the better deal.

Update October 29th: Baggage fees getting you down? Why not just wear everything you're taking on that trip?

No, not shirt on top of shirt and pants over pants. An English entrepreneur, engineer John Power has invented a coat/bag. The Jaktogo is both a coat and a bag. Retailing for £56 (about $90), the Jaktogo is designed to fit all the clothes you might need and has pockets for electronic devices like an iPad. 

394 The Daily Mail reports that,

"The product cleverly transforms from a coat to a bag and allows flyers to carry up to an extra 10kg (22lbs) of hand luggage on board. It is designed to get round tight bag weight restrictions imposed by low-cost airlines..."

While it is pretty ugly, the Jaktogo looks like it'll get the job done and be a nice replacement for that carry-on bag. Of course, they'll probably be banned from planes for some reason or another. 

Check the Jaktogo out over at their website or on Facebook.

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