College move-outs cause trash troubles

Image by Flickr user striaticImage by 20080805trash.jpg Moving out can be a pain for everyone. But if you can't wait until the night before pickup, why not take some stuff to the recycling center?

When college classes end, that means moving for a lot of local students. It also means piles of extra trash on the curbs of downtown Charleston. The Post and Courier recently looked into the problems caused when college students move out, but the leftover stuff just sits outside for days, waiting on the city to pick it up.

And the problem isn't so much the garbage just being out there, although it is an eyesore and can get a little smelly. The real issue is that the longer garbage sits out, the more passersby rummage through it, often creating a huge mess for trash collectors to deal with.

From The Post and Courier:

"This year seems to be worse than years past," said Karen Hauck, director of Keep Charleston Beautiful.

"A lot of the problems occurred in the middle of last week, and trash pickup on the peninsula is on Monday," she said. "So, the stuff sits for days and people tear through it."

One positive thing, though, is that the College of Charleston worked with the city to fund extra garbage pickups during moveout time, as well as with Keep Charleston Beautiful to try and find a way to get usable furniture to area charities.

If you're not quite sure where the Charleston County Recycling Center is, here's a map:

[gmap markers=blue::32.80899105228715,-79.94270324707031 |zoom=15 |center=32.80689899338195,-79.94570732116699 |width=470px |height=250px |control=Small |type=Map]


The Post and Courier goes on to talk about potential fines in the works for putting garbage out too early, among other remedies, but we'll see if it happens ...

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