Coyotes attacking pets, now people in search of food (updated)

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Update July 13:

News 4 Charleston has the most recent report of a coyote getting too close for comfort in the Patriots Point area.

A Mount Pleasant woman and her a 3-year-old golden retriever were out for an evening walk when a coyote stalked, then began circling the two of them. The woman reports that despite the coyote being in kicking distance, it refused to back off. She also said that the coyote was about the same size as her 80 pound dog.

That's a lot of coyote.

Luckily no people or animals were hurt during the confrontation.

First reporting:

On Monday night, a hungry little coyote ventured out of the marsh at Patriots Point and nipped the foot of a tourist staying at the Charleston Harbor Resort and Marina.

According to the reports of the coyote's appearance, Mount Pleasant Police think they know this repeat offender. The skinny, gray coyote of about 30 pounds has been badgering people for a while and has little fear of coming in contact with humans.

Apparently the coyotes in that area have depleted the rabbit population and have turned to more desperate measures in search of something to eat. Just one week before the Patriots Point incident, a coyote attacked two dogs down the road near Renaissance Condominiums.

The Post and Courier has a report from the beginning of the month on the surplus of coyotes in the area and today's report on the Patriots Point incident.

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