Drayton Hall digging for mystery walls

Image by Drayton HallImage by 20081026drayton.jpg The walls extending from the main building had been forgotten before the painting was uncovered -- but it's still not proof they ever did exist.

The oldest preserved plantation house in America is set to look for a set of walls that no one had ever thought could have existed, that is until someone dropped off a mystery painting from 1765 that shows walls going from the main building to the flanker buildings.

They're also inviting the public to help excavate while learning about archeology, a press release elaborates:
The primary goal [is] to shed light on a “mystery” watercolor. ... Of interest are the large connecting walls stretching from the main house to the flanker buildings. Such substantial walls do not exist above ground and previous archaeological work had never considered looking for their footprints below ground.

But don't get too, excited "tuition" for the event and opening reception is $350 for Drayton Hall members and $400 for everyone else. The reception is Sunday, October 26, at 5 p.m. and excavation work runs Monday through Friday, October 31.

Learn lots more about the what they'll be doing and what you could be doing in their press release.

To get involved contact Interim Director of Preservation Carter Hudgins (843) 769-2617 or carter_hudgins@draytonhall.org.

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