Goose Creek dogs showing progress after rescue

A week after 45 dogs were rescued from a Goose Creek residence, Michelle Reid, director of Animal Rescue and Relief, says that many of the canines are making progress on their roads to recovery.

"At least we are seeing some of them wag their tails now."

Wagging tails is a good sign for these dogs, as they were allegedly extremely fearful upon their inital rescue and admittance into the Mount Pleasant Emergency Vet Clinic. Reid continued by saying,

"If everyone could go out there and smell what we smelled and see what we saw and listened to what we heard then they would get the full picture."

Donations are now being accepted on behalf of the scarred animals and can be made by clicking here. Also, learn more about the Mount Pleasant Emergency Vet Clinic and Veterinary Specialty Care by visiting its website here.


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