The hottest ever: Now the 2011 Charleston summer is officially

Image by Flickr user Cimexus

The June, July, August span this year in Charleston is being marked down as the hottest on record.

And the National Weather Service´╗┐'s Charleston┬árecords go back to 1874.

The average temperature for the meteorological summer was 83.4 degrees (average daily high of 92.9), topping the old one of 83.1 set just last year.

In fact the last 20 years hold all of Charleston's top five temperatures:

2011: 83.4
2010: 83.1
1998: 82.6
1986: 82.5
1993: 82.4

Savannah boiled, too, setting a new record of 84.0 and Columbia of 84.18.

So who's glad it's September?

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