Battery's bandstand to be renovated

Image by City of CharlestonImage by 20090303-bandstand.jpg

The 102-year-old bandstand residing in White Point Garden overlooking the Battery has been granted $273,500 to be renovated.

The bandstand was raised in 1934 for the addition of restrooms, which have since been closed due to unlawful behavior.

The Post and Courier discusses some of the renovations:

The contract to lower the bandstand's base from the current 6 feet to the original 3 feet, repair brickwork and restore the structure, is part of a $885,000 project to improve White Point Garden. The bandstand work is expected to be finished this summer.

These renovations will be appreciated by wedding photographers, brides and romantics who picnic beneath this historical landmark.

Thanks to The Post and Courier for tipping us off.

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