The weather is hot in Charleston: 25 days of 90 degrees and counting

Image by Flickr user Micah A. Ponce

Last year was hot, setting the longest stretch of 90+ degree days seen in at least five years — and it seems 2012 will smash that.

ABC News 4 is hot on the trail:

Longest stretch of 90 degree+ days in the last 5 yrs in CHS was 28 last yr.Current streak is 25, and should crush the 2012 mark. #chswx — ABC News 4 (@ABCNews4) July 23, 2012

Indeed, the forecast highs today through Friday: 94, 93, 95, 95, 95. 

And the National Weather Service writes that it won't be until early next week that weak cold front may come down from the Great Lakes through the Lowcountry to break the baking. 

This January to June was the warmest on record, so 2012's stretch on 90-degree days could well shatter records going back further than five years, but just how far back will depend on how much sweating we'll all be doing.

The below National Weather Service graph shows how warm the year has been. The blue bars show the range of the high and low for the day while the background green shading shows the average range.


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