Area lakes getting shortchanged

Image by S.C. Department of Natural ResourcesImage by 20080712drought.jpg Lake Moultrie in October 2007, when the area was struck by a record-breaking drought.

We've been getting a fair amount of rain in recent days, so water levels at Lakes Marion and Moultrie shouldn't be falling, right? Well, no.

Go digging for lake level data:
- Average rainfall for the lakes
- Drought conditions by county
- Drought photos
- State climatology office
- Year-to-date rainfall for the state
- Seven-day streamflow dataDespite recent rains a good half of the state has received between 25 and 75 percent of its usual amount of the rain for the year. And our Lakes Marion and Moultrie are very dependent on water coming from upstream to feed them.

The Post and Courier talks about the issue and some of the rumors that are flying about why lake levels are low. But Santee Cooper spokesman Mollie Gore told The Post and Courier in an e-mail that, "Santee Cooper is NOT lowering the lake levels for any reason."

Give it some time, maybe wish for luck, and it couldn't hurt to maybe use a little less water.

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