Burning ban in effect until further notice (update: lifted)

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Update July 9th: After yesterday's much needed rainfall, the S.C. Forestry Commission has lifted the ban on burning.

If you insist on burning smelly things in your backyard, live in unincorporated Horry County, and your homeowners covenants allow it... go for it. WPDE has more details on their site

First Report: As fire crews get the "Hornet" and the smaller, more recent Longs area fires under control, the S.C. Forestry Commission has issued a burning ban.

According to The Sun News, the ban applies to 14 counties including ours. From the S.C. Forestry Commission website:

These notifications are aimed squarely at reducing new fire starts statewide and are the direct result of increased fire activity in the Coastal Plain, stretched resources (personnel and equipment), aging suppression equipment, and incidents of firefighter fatigue and injury.

Our Pee Dee operating region in June suppressed 118 fires (totaling 734.5 acres).  Since July 1, firefighters in the Pee Dee have suppressed more than 60 fires (total acreage, TBA).

Statewide, the Forestry Commission suppressed 320 fires in June (totaling 2,478 acres). 

Forestry Commission firefighters are at the highest level of readiness and are bracing for another day of intense activity.  The public is asked to immediately report any suspicious smoke or fire to 911 or the Forestry Commission Dispatch Center, 1-800-777-FIRE.


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