Charleston's hot today. Hotter tomorrow. (update: It continues)

Image by Flickr user bilbliona

Update, June 14: And the hellacious weather continues with the National Weather Service saying that the heat index may range from "105 to 110 for several hours from late morning into early evening. The heat index will drop below 105 degrees along the coast by late afternoon as the sea breeze pushes inland."

The Post and Courier's Bo Peterson has written a short, light-humored piece about the situation

First reporting: While the forecast high through Tuesday is just 91 degrees, watch out for that heat index: The high humidity is going to up the "feel" of the high to about 104 today and 105 to 110 for the rest of the week. 

So remember to stay hydrated, avoid excessive outside labor, walk slowly, and follow these tips.

Keep an eye on the forecast here.

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