Demonstrators push for dog park

Image by flickr user Brent and MarilynnImage by dogs.jpg Dogs just want a place to play, too.

Unhappy dog owners gathered outside Town Hall in Mount Pleasant on Tuesday to push for a dog park at Memorial Waterfront Park. Those in favor of the dog park fear the town plans to use the land for development instead. The demonstrators weren't allowed into council chambers, but they gathered outside the building in hopes of garnering some attention.

From The Post and Courier:

What they expected was council's attention to a matter that they said is near and dear to their hearts. They want 4.5 acres at the rear of Memorial Waterfront Park to include a dog park.


The proponents of a dog park fear that the council will develop 4.5 acres at the rear of the park instead of using it for green space, including a 1-acre dog park.

The state Department of Transportation offered the town 22 acres for free but required that the land be used for the park. The council voted last month to explore purchasing the 4.5 acres, which would open the land to other uses.

You can also watch video of the demonstrators.

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