Morris Island plans focus on keeping things rural

Image by flickr user .maryImage by 20080628morris.jpg Morris Island and its lighthouse may yet stay rural. [gmap markers=blue::32.70122213274401,-79.88502502441406 |markers=small red::32.687353574937944,-79.89051818847656 |markers=small blue::32.73877198768001,-79.87266540527344 |zoom=11 |center=32.72606457613062,-79.92141723632812 |width=160px |height=300px |control=None |type=Map]
Large blue dot shows Morris Island Lighthouse; Small red dot show tip of Folly Beach; Small blue dot shows Cummings Point.

A draft plan recommends that there be no development of Morris Island, and a ban on dogs and motorized vehicles. Instead it says boardwalks, a dock, and interpretive signs and center be built at the tip of Folly Beach, very near Morris Island.

The draft master plan from the Charleston County Park and Recreation Commission is only a suggestion to the City of Charleston. The city has yet to announce its own plans.

Developer Bobby Ginn, who sold the island to the city, also has a say in the matter as he retained the exclusive right to govern the covenants of the deed, which includes the possibility of a dock. Ginn has been an advocate of a dock on the norther end of Morris Island at Cummings Point.

But all parties seem to feel that less development is the way to go.

No date has been announced on when the public would be updated as to the city's plans for the island that was host to the Battle of Fort Wagner. The battle was depicted in the movie "Glory." The island is also home to the deteriorating Morris Island Lighthouse which citizens have rallied to save.

Keep an eye on stories connected to Morris Island at our topic page. The Post and Courier is offering a copy of the draft plan for download.

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