Reader rejects "easy access" development of island

A reader of The Post and Courier has taken dispute over plans to allow "easy access" to undeveloped Morris Island. In substance Alex Toline says that little development still brings the gateway to much worse things.

Morris Island lighthouse
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Read more stories on this subject in our Morris Island topic page.In a letter to the editor entitled "Preserve the unspoiled natural treasure of Morris Island," Toline writes:
Back in May when I read the news about Morris Island in the newspaper, I was pleased to hear that there is hope for its total preservation. Then, Mayor Joe Riley's column left me wondering about the fate of this incredible place. His comments with respect to the best way to allow easy public access were upsetting.

Easy access can be extremely hard on this fragile island. Low impact is paramount to its existence and for good harmony between man and the island's ecosystem.

Toline then continues:

What a treasure to have Morris Island, and what an incredible opportunity to keep this island preserved. Let's lead other coastal cities by example. Let's leave this island as it stands and dedicate it to our children and others who will continue to cherish it for play, education and the simple knowledge that the wildlife and history that we value are preserved. How incredible it would be to take our children and grandchildren there years from now and show them what a unspoiled island looks like.

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