Today: Hot, humid, more thunderstorms; same yesterday, same tomorrow

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With high humidity we're looking at heat indexes over 100 degrees again and more rain. Stay out of the sun and drink plenty of fluids. Same tomorrow, and much of the foreseeable future.

It's like we're stuck in some endlessly repeating, mildly torturous day.

Temperatures will only be in the mid-90s, but paired with the high humidity will result a heat index around 105 degrees. Though, on the upside, not heat advisory is being issued for today thanks to a bit more movement in the air.

The National Weather Service says:
Temperatures could touch the mid 90s along coastal South Carolina this afternoon before storms initiate. Heat index values nearing 105 but with convection expected to be on the heat advisories in effect today.

Fun fact: Despite all the recent rain we've only had 4 inches of rain this month. That's an inch less than "normal."A graphical forecast shows very similar conditions for tomorrow.

Read the full forecast, also read up on heat stroke.

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