Moncks Corner makes a bid to be Google's high-speed Internet test market

Google's dry, but informative, video about the program.

Google's thinking about rolling out high-speed fiber Internet connections across the country, but they're looking for a mid-sized town to test the concept in first.

And so a contest has ensued, and Moncks Corner thinks they're a great fit and has started the Web site to make their case and get petitions signed. 

I don't think I need to explain why this would be a very good thing for Moncks Corner, or any town.

NBC News 2 has done a nice video on the contest and the town's efforts (there's a few minor technical flubs in there, but nothing too bad) watch it over here.

And incase you've been under a rock, I'll remind that Google already has a data center near Moncks Corner.