Street cart battle unfolding in downtown Charleston

After moving to get peddlers pushed from King Street tensions are rising amongst the vendors.

In essence, people who pay thousands to rent specific spots (like Dave Landy) seems none too happy that other guys (like Dan Wilson and Matt Gryder) are allowed to park and sell with a much cheaper peddler license. So guy A calls cop on guy B, guy B gets ticket, ticket gets thrown out because guy B has city map that says he can sell there. Guy A is enraged. In short, it's a mess.

The Post and Courier has a long write-up of the issue:
Municipal Court Judge Steven Steinert had dismissed a ticket Monday issued to Dan Wilson, a peddler charged with violating an existing ban on sidewalk sales around Waterfront Park. There is a difference between peddlers who must move from site to site and those who buy business licenses for a year-long spot.

Steinert tossed the ticket after Wilson showed him a city-issued map indicating sales by the park were allowed.

The decision prompted the city to dispatch a legal team and ask the judge to reconsider the ruling immediately.

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