Temporary state ban on megadumps proposed

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To help quell public outrage and make sense of the problem the S.C. Senate is proposing a two-year ban on new "megadumps" in the Palmetto State.

During the two-year period, S.C. DHEC would be charged with implementing "bans on the disposal of certain types of waste in landfills, more aggressive recycling requirements, and enhanced regulatory requirements for landfills and other solid waste management facilities."

[gmap markers=blue::33.67863985167553,-79.5849609375 + 34.687427949314824,-79.705810546875 |zoom=6 |center=33.88865750124075,-80.44189453125 |width=220px |height=200px |control=Small |type=Map]Marlboro, top, Williamsburg, bottom.

The battle over megadumps has focused on Marlboro and Williamsburg counties. In Williamsburg, a megadump was proposed that could handle 40 times more trash per year than its residents were producing. -- Certainly a big, smelly shock. But with unemployment at 15% in the county, we'll see how long our state can hold off before the $2 ton for out of state trash is too good to resist.

Head over to The State for some analysis, or get all the details and follow the resolution's progress at the Legislature's Web site.