Revamping of Millennium Music building shot down

Image by City of Charleston The old Millennium Music building with its "iconic" metal roof used to once house an upstairs open-air restaurant.

The old Millennium´╗┐ Music record store at the corner of King and Calhoun streets┬áclosed down in June 2008 and the closure of the upstairs restaurant and many other businesses in the building came shortly after -- and for coming on four years the building has sat largely disused.

But with the local development economy picking back up, interest in revamping the building is returning, however a recent design pitch to redo the building was shot down by the Charleston Board of Architectural Review.

The Post and Courier writes that at the heart of the disapproval was a multi-story glass tower entrance (head here for their report for more background on the situation).

Look for the developer to make another more traditional proposal before the rhetoric gets too hot.