Two North Charleston rail plans, one aerial overview video

As the war for the future of rail lines in North Charleston continues to drag on, the city is hoping to better educate on the differences between the two plans.

The video shows a pair of captured Google Earth video flyover of the proposed rail tracks of two differing rail plans for intermodal facilities to serve the new North Charleston Port Terminal. 

The first half shows the state plan that exits the former navy base from north, and the second half shows the CSX plan that exits the former navy base from the south.

While the makers of the video clearly have a biased background, the video shows that that the CSX plan would have fewer road crossings, disturb fewer historic dwellings, and use more of the existing rail infrastructure in the area.

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A Memorandum of Understating signed between the City of North Charleston and the State Ports Authority in 2002 would be violated if northern rail access is allowed under the state's plan.