Legislation still working to bring competitive pricing back to Charleston Intl Airport

Image by Flickr user Michal Osmenda

With ticket prices soaring from $200 to $800 per flight after AirTran's departure from the Charleston International Airport back in December, state lawmakers have made expanding air service an urgent priority.

Efforts are still in the works to bring competitive prices via new airlines back into the mix.

The House passed a bill back in March that is moving through the Senate that would establish the S.C. Air Services Incentive and Development Fund. The fund would provide grants to economic development groups for attracting new carriers and flights and, in turn, better air fares.

The Charleston County Aviation Authority has even created the first-of-its-kind local incentives package for new or expanded flight services which includes temporarily waiving landing fees, allows for as much as $10,000 in marketing assistance and as much as $150,000 in startup costs.

The Post and Courier has a piece on the courtship of new carries in the area, go take a read.

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