Norfolk says no way to North Charleston rail deal (updated x2)

Image by Flickr user Emmett A Tullos III "Crossing" seems to be the apt term.

Update July 15, early afternoon: The Charleston Regional Business Journal has produced their own report on the matter that covers much of the same ground as The Post and Courier piece, but has a bit more on just why the City of North Charleston-CSX plan is so distasteful to Norfolk Southern, and what the rail company would prefer.

Read it here.

Update July 15: The Post and Courier has followed with an expanded update; read it here.

Two thoughts come to mind:

1) Clearly at this point Norfolk doesn't really give a d*mn want anyone thanks about them.

2) Funny how now the port really really needs dual rail access and when the port was first designed it was to be truck served only.

First reporting: Despite much pomp and celebration over a deal that would free many North Charleston's upcoming neighborhoods from a significant amount rail traffic, Norfolk Southern is balking at the idea of paying to share rail with CSX to access the new port under construction on the old Navy base.

The Post and Courier has a brief mention of the new development; read it here.

One things for sure, if the four parties (North Charleston, CSX, Norfolk, and the port) can't work out a deal we all stand to lose. 

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