In North Charleston rail fight, S.C. senator says: Sue and we'll strip your funding (update: backtrack)

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Update June 5: In a turnabout, S.C. Senator Larry Grooms, R-Bonneau, has dropped his support from the measure and apologized to North Charleston Mayor Keith Summey.

NBC News 2 has a brief with the news; read it here.

You have to wonder if someone told him just what a bad idea it was to impose a standing penalty on a body who files a lawsuit.  

First reporting May 26: In a nutshell, S.C. Senator Larry Grooms, R-Bonneau, is saying: Challenge us in court, and we'll hit you where it hurts.

Unpleased that the City of North Charleston is taking South Carolina to court over the memorandum of understanding that rail would not be run along the city's riverfront, a group of state senators are laying regulation that will strip the city of state funds.

It's the latest blow in what's rapidly becoming a no-holds-barred fight over the future of the changing city.

I'll shoot you over to the Charleston Regional Business Journal for a solid report; read it here. NBC News 2 also has a nice video report on the fight, where Mayor Keith Summey say he can withhold funds, too.

The measure will still need to survive reconciliation by the House and Senate and garner Gov. Haley's signature.

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