In health vetoes: Gov. Haley draws ire for principal over reality

Image by State of South Carolina

Update: Funding has been reestablished.

Gov. Nikki Haley has already drawn flak for her vetoes of the next South Carolina budget, but an article at The State focuses on outrage that Haley vetoed health care funds, including funds to help rape victims.

Defending her decision to veto, Haley says the money was being needlessly sent to a non-profit that then funneled money back to state agencies and that lawmakers would do better to send the money directly to state agencies. 

Many of the agencies that would lose the money under Haley's vetoes have said that despite the methods, the funds are needed to continue servicing critical areas of the community.

I'll point you to the paper's report over here.

Lawmakers will be back in Columbia to vote on overturning the vetoes — expect many of the vetoes to be overridden.

Also hit hard by Haley's vetoes are the state's  Arts Commission and Sea Grant Consortium who, due to unusual budget timing, have immediately lost all funding.

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