Group with unknown backers takes aim at Charleston Mayor Riley (Update: Doh!)

The group's website.

Update October 28, doh: If you were wondering how Riley was able to ferret out the group, the Charleston City Paper has the story.

Seems a fundraiser for the group forgot that Riley had been supporting the port, doh.

Update October 25, shame: Riley was clued in on some of the people behind "Citizens for a Better Charleston" and blasted the group as cowards.

First reporting: The same U.S. Supreme Court ruling that allowed for anonymous big money to "speak" in politics across the nation is hitting home in Charleston.

"Citizens for a Better Charleston" has taken aim at Charleston Mayor Joe Riley, and it's funders are anonymous. The group takes aim at Riley, saying "We need to put and end to back-room deals and crony capitalism that waste our tax money and put our neighborhoods at risk."

One of their key points is the spat between preservationists and the proposed new Union Pier cruise terminal — a matter in which Riley has unusually deviated from preservationists to back the port's plan.

The election is November 8.

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