Scarborough rides as sitting state rep in Folly parade

Apparently loud noises weren't the only odd occurrence this weekend on Folly Beach, recently dethroned S.C. Rep. Wallace Scarborough was spotted in the Folly Beach Christmas parade riding in a convertible proclaiming he's still a member of the house.

And the Indigo Journal says he was wrong to do so.

If you didn't know, Scarborough lost his November 4 run against Peterson Hutto by a 211 vote margin, one that he's saying was invalid, and he is legally fighting for a revote.

Update December 15, 3 p.m.: A picture of him in the parade has turned up.

Update December 15, 8 p.m.: And the scandal (?) widens. Apparently Charleston County Democratic Party Chair George Tempel has publicly chastised Scarborough for the parade act.

Insight from the Charleston City Paper indicates that even if Scarborough wins his appeal for a revote, he would not be reinstated and that the house seat would be "vacant."

So, whether or not Scarborough gets a revote, apparently he's out until a revote would be held.

Question is, did Scarborough know he was in the wrong?

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