Breaking: Gov. Haley will lease S.C. parks to corporate sponsors (Hah!)

Artist's rendering of what the mobile shops located in State Parks will look like.

Update: Yes.

Yes, we were pulling your leg with a good bit of April Fools humor — we hope you enjoyed it.

And, we weren't the only ones gagging you, loads of other fun abounded on April 1.

First reporting: It's only April 1, and already our sister site over at TheDigitel Myrtle Beach has the scoop on the news story of the month.

In an effort to lower the 2013 state budget, the House is looking to pass a bill that would remove all tax funding from state and municipal parks, and therefore creating a tax cut of 0.056% per South Carolinian tax payer.

Counties and cities will be able to choose to use tax revenue for their own parks but are encouraged to follow the state's lead in the forefront of privatized, corporate sponsored parks. 

What does the vision for a "privatized, corporate sponsored park" look like?

"Not only is this a great relief to South Carolina tax payers," Governor Nikki Haley told us via a phone interview, "but this is a job creator and will get hundreds of South Carolinians back to work." The state's plan demands that state parks remain free or low cost of entrance but, to subsidize the overhead parks will now have what Haley is calling "Micro-Malls."