Cannonborough conversion to wait on Crosstown improvements (update: additional funds requested)

Image by TheDigitel Traffic on Spring Street is already quite thick. It's seen here just before meeting up with the Crosstown.

Update May 20: The first phase of construction to improve upon the Crosstown's drainage drainage lines, curbing and sidewalks is soon to begin, and Mayor Joe Riley is asking the state for $15 million worth of assistance.

The request came in during yesterday's meeting between the Mayor and the Department Of Transportation's commissioners at City Hall. The was no discussion or opposition to the request, it is now just a matter of wether or not the DOT can rustle up the money.

In all, the drainage project has racked up a $154 million price tag. The $15 million would cover about 10 percent on the project's total cost and fix the flooding problem between where Spring Street merges with the Crosstown and the Ashley River bridges.

The Post and Courier has the update, read it here.

First reporting: The forthcoming traffic and drainage improvements to the Crosstown not only mean traffic headaches for through traffic — but also headaches for the communities that traffic will pass through.

Namely, in the Cannonborough area for those living on Spring and Cannon streets.

Those residents will not only see more traffic thanks to being used as an alternate route, but the much awaited $5.5 million conversion to two-way streets and other improvements will be delayed until the end of at least phase two of the Crosstown work in a year and a couple months.

The Post and Courier has a nice report on the situation; read it here.