Alvin Greene makes his first campaign appearance

Image by NBC News 2

In his first public campaign appearance, South Carolina's surprise U.S. Senate candidate Alvin Greene spoke Sunday afternoon at the monthly meeting of the NAACP in his hometown of Manning.

Greene's first public address drew a large crowd including international media, photographers, more than a dozen television cameras and about 15 reporters according to The Post and Courier. Organizers had to move the venue twice to allow for enough seating for the 500 attendees.

Greene hadn't spoken publicly before except for a few awkward media interviews, and this speech isn't much different. Greene stumbled over his words and got off topic at one point, but he does touch upon some solid talking points. Regardless, his 7-minute speech yesterday received a standing ovation. 

NBC News 2 has a 7 minute video of the whole speech while The State has nice reporting.

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