Associated Press: Mark Sanford used state planes improperly (updated)

First reporting:

I wouldn't be at all shocked if the behavior wasn't too abnormal, but for the man who cited fiscal conservatism as the reason refuse federal money to educate South Carolina's children, well, he's gonna have a hard time escaping this one.

The Huffington Post appears to have a copy of the full wire story.

Ironic moment of the day goes to Sanford, for how he had the state spend $1,200 so he could get back to Columbia for some personal time and a discount haircut. 

Update August 11:

Democrats asked for an official investigation into Governor Mark Sanford’s use of state planes for private and political business. Even a GOP state senator said he thinks fellow Republican Sanford broke state law by flying business class to London and China.

Sanford’s office, in his defense, said it has a different interpretation of state laws and regulations. Good one, guys.

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