Attorney General’s Office and Purple Haze Smoke Shop go at it

Image courtesy of Happy Shaman

With the recent crackdown on synthetic drugs in South Carolina and around the country, one local 'head shop' wants some clarification. 

Recently Governor Nikki Haley signed a ban on synthetic marijuana and 'bath salts' to help stop the crime and dangers surrounding those 'drugs.' However, local smoke shop, Purple Haze wants to know just what they can sell since many natural herbs can be fashioned into a mixture for getting high.

Recently Purple Haze sought some clarification over an incense made by Happy Shaman Herbs but the state's Attorney General's Office filed court papers asking a judge to dismiss a declaratory judgment by Purple Haze's owner Moti Benezra. 

via The Biz

Benezra had asked the court to tell him if he can legally sell Happy Shaman incense at his Myrtle Beach store. His request was filed on Oct. 31, just days after the S.C. Department of Health and Environmental Control board added five materials often used in synthetic marijuana to a list of controlled substances.

Over at FITSnews they have a write-up on South Carolina's war on synthetic drugs, their piece highlights the sticky nature of banning synthetic drugs by pointing to cases in Virginia where, "the 'drug' that was confiscated in each case “does not contain banned chemicals listed in state law.”

Clarification on what the state sees as legal and illegal seems pretty reasonable, however delving deep into what is and isn't gets pretty sticky when one can mix just about anything together to obtain a cheap and sometimes dangerous high. 

Head on over to The Biz to read their full write-up on Purple Haze and the Attorney General's Office


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