Charleston school's hearing your concerns, but must do more cutting

The Charleston County School District got the message that residents aren't loving the proposed school closures and are looking to better accommodate residents, but because of more state chopping, the district needs to find $8 million more to shed from the budget.

Read more stories on this subject in our consolidation topic page.The school district is facing a $20 million shortfall next year, the current proposals only aim to shave some $8 million from the budget.

It's a sort of: "We know you're not pleased about all this talk to amputate your toes, but did we mention we need to cut off the whole foot?"

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The state's budget cuts are putting enormous strain on our public institutions, and it's a particularly a tough spot for our school district to be in, but they need to find a better approach to interfacing with the public. How they've handled past meetings was a disgrace.

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