City councilman wants to boot, tow and overcharge you (updated)

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Update October 14:

The Post and Courier reports that Mallard's proposed ordinance was not acted upon by the City Council yesterday, but was was deferred for further study.

Hop over to the paper for details, and if you're curious about other things discussed at the meeting, The Charleston City Paper was live blogging.

First reporting:

The Post and Courier reports that Charleston City Councilman Timothy S. Mallard had drafted a proposal that would get cars parked on private properties booted, towed and charged additional fees.

Mallard wants boot fees increased by $13 as well as allow a business to have a booted vehicle towed away at additional expense to the owner. Think paying those fees would be terrible? You won't be getting your car off the impound lot without paying off any unpaid parking tickets either.

Mallard is notorious for introducing controversial ordinances that received only his own vote (he's the guy who got no love for proposing council term limits.) Let's hope this falls into that same category.

Hop over to The Post and Courier to see what's up.

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