Former Charleston County School District Board Chairmen say ‘yes’ to School Improvement Referendum

Yesterday, past chairmen of the Charleston County School District announced full support of the School Improvement Referendum that will appear on county voters’ ballots this Tuesday, Nov. 2.

Past chairs included in the endorsement include Brian Moody, Robert New, Liz Alston, Nancy Cook, Gregg Meyers, and Toya Hampton Green.   

If passed, the referendum will help provide funding to alleviate overcrowding, improve classrooms and upgrade technology in 13 district schools.  In addition, four downtown Charleston schools categorized as seismically hazardous will be rebuilt from funding.  In total, the School Improvement Referendum will provide $450M in funds for the 17 area schools. 

“On Nov. 2, voters face an important decision that will impact the education of our children and rising workforce of the community,” said Moody, 1999 Charleston County School District Chairman. “Not unlike the bond referendum that voters passed in 1999 to help fix and repair Charleston County schools, the School Improvement Referendum is just as significant.  It will help continue to fulfill the promise we made to our children – and one another – to provide quality education to students in safe environments conducive to optimal learning.” 

“What we began in 2000 has helped build 26 new schools and provide major renovations to 28 existing schools on time and within budget,” said New, 1992 to 1995 Charleston County School District Chairman.  “As the community goes to the polls on Tuesday, we should allow the School District to continue that progress by voting ‘yes’ for our children’s future.” 

Research shows that renovated schools can increase student achievement by as much as 11 percent. The average age of the 17 schools included in the referendum is 60 years old.

Yes4Schools is a dedicated support campaign for the School Improvement Referendum.  For more information and to view the list of more Yes4Schools supporters, visit

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